Tales of a Life Well Wasted & Other Gems

Occasionally, weep deeply over the life you hoped would be. Grieve the losses. Then wash your face. Trust God. And embrace the life you have.

Hi there! This is my story. You may wonder at the tag line. I believe how our lives progress is based on decisions we make and the consequences of those decisions.

Lost in the Land That Time Forgot
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Dictionary.com defines consequence as:

1. the effect, result, or outcome of something occurring earlier;
2. an act or instance of following something as an effect, result, or outcome.


I consider my life “well wasted” because the decisions I made often didn’t have the outcomes that were best for me. However, I can’t say that I would necessarily want to go back and change anything – even if I could. Those decisions, good or bad or in between, led me to who and where I am today. Those decisions also resulted in a daughter, son, and step-daughter I am immensely proud of, a granddaughter and six grandsons (three of them step-grandsons), and a great-grandson, all of whom I can dote on.

What you’ll find on these pages is a bit of auto-biography, some “Nanny” bragging, memories and reveries, and my genealogy. My hope is that you will be entertained and perhaps even learn a lesson or two about making better decisions. I am always interested in feedback, so feel free to contact me – and be nice, even with your criticism.

In My Family Tree