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Family? Welcome!

Begin Registration: Find Relationship

Because registration on my website is restricted only to family, you must be linked to a person in the existing family tree database. If you are not in database, you will need to indicate an existing person in the database and how you are related to that person, so that you can be linked into our database. When you are ready to begin the registration process, start by using the form below to look up a list of persons in our database to whom you might be related. Start with your own last name (or maiden name if you are female) and select the relative most closely related to you. If you are in the database, select yourself. If a parent is in the database, that would be second choice. Only choose a sibling if a parent isn’t shown.

Once you have found yourself or your closest relative, click on the select button next to the name. You will then be taken to the registration form to complete your registration.